Barb Crowden and the Feathered Friends

Barb Crowden is a teacher living on the Far South Coast of NSW with her 2 dogs Herbie and Gracie. She started writing children’s songs as a teaching tool for a young Madaline in 2002 when Maddie was in kindergarten. For the next 3 years they sang together about circles, and green square chairs, bubbles, triangles and moving on to the big school. In 2011 they were reunited, and their musical partnership reignited, with the Chookie Oww Cha Cha.

The song Chookie Oww Cha Cha is written by Barb Crowden and based on the story Chookie Oww by Hellen Scriven. It is performed by:

The Feathered Friends

  • Baab – Vocals/Guitar
  • Madaline – Isa Brown chookie sounds
  • GiL – Bass/Drums/Hand Claps
  • Deb – Banjo
  • Herbie and Gracie – Barks

Recorded at Maggy’s Farm
Copyright 2012

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